Leadership Team

Claire McGuinness, President

As majority owner of the business, Claire oversees all aspects of Image360 including bidding, staffing and client satisfaction. Claire strives to make your overall Image360 experience exceptional.

David McGuinness, VP of Operations

Looking for something unique and not sure how to make it happen? David can help you narrow down the right product for the right price! His extensive knowledge of products and pricing will make selecting your signage package easy and fun. David will be with you every step of the way - in our office and yours - making sure you recieve only the best products and services.

Aly Meiklejohn, Operations Coordinator 

How do we make sure our design, production and installation departments are all on the same page? One word - Aly! She follows your order from beginning to end to ensure each of our specialists has all of the right information to to complete your product flawlessly. 

Jamie Raynor, Client Service Specialist

Whether you are calling Image360 or stopping by, Jamie is usually your first point of contact. She has the expertise to answer almost all of your signage and pricing questions. Jamie can also help you connect with the right staff person to further help you in your pursuit for the perfect product.


Design Team

Teddy Pavlis, Art Director/Print Supervisor

If you are looking for a unique logo or an eye catching event sign, Teddy has the creativity to bring your idea to life. Teddy mentors our other designers and approves proofs before they go out to clients. He also checks every print carefully to ensure that your colors and logos look perfect. 

Natalie Newhart,  Graphic Design

Scott McElroy, Graphic Design/Routing 


Production and Installation Team

Devon Wilson,  Lead Production Specialist

How do we ensure that your products look perfectly put together? Devon has an eye for detail and the patience to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves in order to look it's best!

Warren McKeldin,  Lead Installation Specialist

Warren heads up our install team and manages everything from intial site survey to install prep to final installation.  Whether your install is simple or complex, Warren will be there to ensure everything looks perfect. 

Rich Hott,  Installation Specialist

Chris Gonzalez,  Installation Specialist